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Have you ever wanted to make any surface interactive, and connect it to the Internet and have it control, well almost anything!  We have, and so we created Switchboard.

Switchboard is an A5 (5.8” x 8.3”) size 5 mm thick piece of foam board that has eight touch points on its surface.  Switchboard connects via Bluetooth to our iOS app. The app allows the user to configure what the switchboard does.
At the moment, our app is pretty simple and can play tracks from your itunes library, send prewritten tweets or become an itunes controller.

The app is available via a free download, just search for Novalia Switchboard on the app store.

Of course, we want switchboard to do far more and we will continuously be updating our app so that it can do some of the following:
- Facebook like
- Launch a youtube video
- Send a string of text to a website
- ‘if this then that’
….if a cell phone can do it then so can switch board!
Check out our video that we used for our Kickstarter campaign to see the switchboard in action!
To purchase a switchboard, click here!