Collaborating with Grey London for Schwartz spices, the Feel Flavour posters explore the concept of synaesthesia through interactive touch.

Conceptual Illustrator Billie Jean was invited to create a visual articulation of what taste might look like. Each herb and spice depicted in the artwork was assigned a musical chord matching its flavour characteristic. For example, cumin became E flat major, chilli was ascribed A flat major and fennel was characterised by a higher-pitched F minor.

Novalia’s capacitive touch technology turns the poster into an interactive interface and allows it to connect to an app on your smartphone. When the artwork is touched, different chords are triggered to create a symphony of flavours, playing out of your device.

“We’ve basically created an app that’s made out of paper. Pair the poster with a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, and your device effectively becomes a mobile speaker. 16 different herbs and spices have been translated into musical chords and the conductive inks on this poster enable you explore those sounds with your fingers. We thought this would be a great way to dramatise flavour, something that is silent and invisible”, says Andy Lockley, Creative Director at Grey London, the creative agency behind the poster.

The posters have been developed to form part of a trade launch to promote Schwartz Flavour Shots, an innovative new range of herb and spice blends, to retailers.

“Conductive ink is a prototype technology that puts the same type of capacitive touch screen you have in a smart phone or tablet into plain old paper –effectively breathing new life into what many believe is a dying medium. Schwartz is the first brand to use this technology in a commercial application”, explained Kate Stone, founder of Novalia.

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