Mini Printed Touch Creator Kit




Start making anything interactive! Our Mini Printed Touch Creator Kit puts the magic of conductive ink at your fingertips. It is for creators everywhere: creatives, designers, artists, makers and hackers. It is for adults and kids, brands, agencies and innovators. Using our printed touch sticker, press on control module and software tool, you can make any object interactive! No programming, no messy ink and no need to solder wires. The Mini Printed Touch Creator Kit includes one control module that you can load with the sounds for your project, four conductive print stickers in sizes 2 x A4 and 2 x A5, and our simple software along with the pdf templates for each size for you to beautifully design your project with. Includes Micro SD card. Requires 3 x AA batteries, not included. Does not include artwork.

Shipping takes approximately 3-5 working days for the UK, 6 working days for Europe and up to 10 working days for the rest of the world.

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